Everything about the blue light filter on Android ?


Blue light filter on Android  Also known as night mode
It is an easy-to-use feature in Android  smartphones

This application allows you to reduce eye strain and reduce the blue light coming out of your phone

In this article you will be able to activate this feature on your phone
You can also test your smartphone

Blue light filter on Android

Why do we need a blue light filter?

Every day there are a number of users who experience eye strain problems
Huawei calls it protection mode for the eye
It is a means of reducing the blue light, which has a bad effect on sleep and interferes with the production of melatonin, the main sleep hormone

The basic ways to minimize your exposure to blue light is the blue light filter

How to activate night mode?

Google decided to give importance to the situation in its release such as android oreo and android pie
Also have night mode
You must take the following steps
Go to setting then, display
Finally, night light

You can turn off automatically at certain times
You can also schedule most of the night conditions. It uses automatic setting designed to activate at sunset and switch to normal lighting at sunrise

Take a blue light filter app from the play store


There are many applications available on Google Play and lets you achieve the same result

Peekerscitech offers more apps such best  Android  games and other on google play store

And the most widespread at this time bluelight filter
It has the same properties that you find on an android

You will find more options such as choosing the filter color from the seven shades available

Shortcuts on the main screen and also the user interface for the notification and schedule too

Blue light filter on e-reader


Many readers now prefer to read on their smartphones or tablet
Better to do this, we use a dedicated electronic reader

These properties give you comfort and also relieve pressure on your eyes during reading at night

One of the most important features of your preferred electronic reader (moon)
It has the characteristics of filtering the brilliant blue light

And also Google Play contains the settings Night light

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