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Facebook rants get dramatic readings Hard-working mum advertises schoolboy son’s services for FREE

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As it stated in Samuel L. Jackson has performed dramatic readings of famous catchphrases and the children’s classic Go the F— to Sleep, but he put all of himself into even more modern material: Facebook rants.
As a guest on The Tonight Show Friday night, the Kong: Skull Island actor performed dramatic readings of Girl Scout cookie-, Walgreens-, and milk-related rants posted to social media.
So get off your food high horse already, and stop milk shaming me, motherf—–!”He also offered host Jimmy Fallon some tips when the host performed a dramatic reading about Pop-Tarts and Toaster Strudel.
“He’s the kind of dude who would rant about Pop-Tarts ’cause he’s always stoked and always hungry.”Watch Jackson in the clip below.
He can now add, “If you don’t have a sash, you don’t get my cash,” to his repertoire of quotable lines.

according to Besides stopping the spread of fake news, a dislike button is probably the feature Facebook users ask for more than anything.
Facebook Reactions include the “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad” and “angry” options.
Caveat: It’s only on Facebook Messenger.
But now, we might finally get a dislike feature.
The version TechCrunch spotted in Messenger includes those, and a thumbs up and thumbs down, or dislike.

Hard-working mum advertises schoolboy son’s services for FREE on Facebook to get him out house

according to Nick complained about the café work at first but he went on to do a brilliant job.
Donna Cooper put 16-year-old Nick up for hire on social media after he was put on a restricted timetable at school.
Hats off to you.”3 Donna’s Facebook advert for her son’s servicesHowever one comment stood out, which showed Nick to be not only hardworking and polite, but a potential life-saver.
“I was so angry with him I knew I had to find him something to do,” she said.
“I wasn’t prepared to have him at home unsupervised while me and my partner were out at work all day,” she said.

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