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Facebook messenger problems and solutions 2019


Facebook messenger problems must consider it important and necessary and we face problems and we will offer you solutions easily you follow the article will add to you a lot in the art of dealing with facebook messenger

Facebook messenger problems

above all, a Facebook messenger has been a standalone app, cut loose the Facebook application. This has created it an additional powerful messenger service, capable of competing with its brother, WhatsApp account. Its independence conjointly makes it hungry for battery and memory, however, and it currently comes with its own set of issues. Here’s what to try and do once Facebook messenger isn’t operating.

1-Not able to see messages on facebook messenger

This is one in all the foremost common problems that the majority of users have struggled with Facebook messenger. you’ll not be ready to see any of the messages or new messages with this drawback. However, before finding the answer for it check that the app will access the web. In some cases, it may be a property drawback. Even with sensible association app is facing drawback then you wish clear the cache of Facebook messenger


The app will be powered to download new data

1-make positive facebook isn’t running within the background if it’s shut it because it can invariably check for brand new updates and add a new cache

Facebook messenger problems

2-then, attend the setting and processed to the appliance manager
3-scroll right down to the facebook manager and open it
The next screen can show numerous info of facebook courier app
Also, show the scale of the appliance
4-scroll down you may see AN possibility referred to as clear cache simply faucet thereon

2-not able to send or receive a message on facebook messenger 

Firstly, this is a temporary problem with facebook messenger, Whether it’s web property or some temporary error. However, check that the opposite users haven’t blocked you for spams thanks to constant electronic messaging. Even while not being blocked if your expertise such issue.


1-you can confirm your internet connectivity and check other application whether they are able to access the internet or not
2-then, restarting your smartphone that can be down by long press of power button or other with different models
3-after that, clear the cache and data by going to the application manager
Then press on clear cache and clear data of like the above-mentioned method

3-facebook messenger is not working

Perhaps the software is corrupted due to virus or other
Or it requires an update
In general, this is a software level problem, that can be addressed only by updating the software with the latest one


1-go to the market place in case of android and go to the menu by pressing on the top left
2-then, go to my app and search for the facebook messenger
3-after that, you will find update option if the software on your phone is not up to date
4-now again, install it from market

Facebook messenger problems

You use these steps on alternative devices. this can solve the matter most of the time. In case, it doesn’t work, report a retardant to Facebook. For future, keep the Facebook messenger app up to now and additionally certify your OS is additionally updated. this can permit new software package updates to run swimmingly on your phone.


Facebook messenger is associate freelance app from Facebook, that helps you send and receive messages through Facebook. It helps you avoid work onto Facebook or the Facebook app invariably, and invariably be connected on the accompanying your friends. Your friend’s messages pop up directly on the screen, so if you have got a web affiliation, you’ll be able to refer to your friends and family Facebook as simply as you are doing it through electronic communication apps like Whatsapp.

However, the Facebook messenger app remains not excellent and whereas Facebook’s developer team is functioning thereon, you may have best to see these steps out. If higher than steps don’t work properly, then you ought to head to the Facebook account and report this issue to them. this can facilitate them to improve the app.




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