Facebook’s zuckerberg is inventing a sleepbox to help his wife sleep

At first  zuckerberg is inventing a sleepbox to help his family and his wife.
He decided to invent a new device of his own kind to help and support his wife to sleep quietly

zuckerberg is inventing a sleepbox

This device is called Sleepbox, which he invented to help his wife Priscilla Chan

There are also many important inventions for this year

such as smart buckle and others

and She is considered a pediatrician and philanthropist

and Mark wrote that his invention was caused by his wife’s need to sleep quietly,

recognizing that being a woman is not easy.Every day she gets up and looks at her phone. Is it time for her children to wake up or not?

Mark set up a small box to help his wife sleep peacefully and light a dim light on her waking hours

and Mark saw the light as visible enough to help her wake up

sleepbox Which Mark invented does not show the hour he hides the clock

so if his wife woke up do not know or worry about the hours you will sleep and then can not sleep

also He said that the result of this device is very good and that his wife is sleeping all night

above all, Mark said the box expressed his love for his wife and children.
And that if they wanted this machine, businessmen would do a lot of it

Mark also said that fatherhood changed the way he worked in his ways of administration

Mark also announced the extension of parental leave, four months paid to employees at full start

In addition, Mark’s love story for his wife is very large and since they gave birth to their first child of 4 years ago. After that, they abandoned many private shares of Facebook worth 45 billion dollars and this number and the couple did a wonderful job

These couples are two independent powers that deserve admiration

That love transcends any limits and this became the invention made by Mark the greatest evidence of his love for his wife and children


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