8 waysTo avert On Social Media And 6 Ways To reply

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You don’t want to be a flash-in-the-pan social media marketer, but be careful not to create a social media behemoth you can’t control.
Neglecting the social part of social media – Engage (don’t you love how many times writers use that word?)
The gravitational pull of your digital marketing strategy should maintain and influence the outer orbits of your social media platforms.
Too many social media platforms – If you begin with too much social media too quickly, you’ll become burdened with the pressure of maintaining fresh content that is begging to be read or viewed.
it marketing does not produce immediate returns so you may end up abandoning your gold mine 3-feet short of the mother lode.

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The cardinal rule for crisis communication on social media is honesty.
Below, seven communications executives from Forbes Communications Council offer their best advice for addressing bad news on social media — without getting your followers up in arms.
If you don’t get ahead of it quickly, the social media community will have no problem spinning a minor issue into a full-blown crisis.
it is a great medium for building your brand and sharing positive company news and mentions.
Studies show that when communicating messages that have a negative impact over social media, it is still better to choose traditional forms of communication.
The Hard Truth Over Social Media

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3 California Businesses Using Social Media To Connect In Unique Ways « CBS Los Angeles

These California businesses began small, and are now growing as they successfully use social media to connect in unique ways.
One caveat however, is that people have no interest in social media that is purely promotional.
Social media is the new word of mouth as marketing evolves beyond websites and online shopping carts.
Patxi’s Pizza uses social media to connect with customers in ways that are community-centered and inviting.
No longer simply a group platform for thumbs-up recommendations, social media is now a marketing tool that works in booming ways for businesses and customers.
3 California Businesses Using Social Media

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