the open world in Horizon Zero Dawn is executed pretty well

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As it stated in Things are finally starting to warm up for me in Sony’s new PS4 open-world action game Horizon: Zero Dawn.
Ultimately, the open world in Horizon Zero Dawn is executed pretty well.
That’s how I’d describe Horizon Zero Dawn as it relates to the rest of its genre.
Sometimes Horizon Zero Dawn actually implements these systems better than many other games, which is a happy bonus.
For a brand new IP, Horizon Zero Dawn sure does walk a well-worn path.

referring to (Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of people are talking about Horizon: Zero Dawn.
Trending on both Google and Twitter, Horizon: Zero Dawn is the latest action adventure game for the PlayStation 4.
A scene from ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn.’
Horizon is open world, meaning you will explore its story and forest landscape in any order you want.
Although the game launches on February 28, the game’s first reviews are out, and they are glowing.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' is the latest game everyone is talking about
‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ is the latest game everyone is talking about

The ability to take many things you probably hate about open world games and turn the concepts on their heads.
It’s a must-play for PS4 players, even those that may have gotten sick of open world games.
Horizon isn’t perfect, and does get a few open world things wrong.
The Story is Actually GreatI’m not saying that open world games never have good stories, but I will say that for the most part, it’s usually a rarity.
With so many missions so spread out, it’s a lot harder to tell an effective story in an open world game than it is in a more linear title.
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