Fortnite mobile vs PUBG mobile: Difference and competition

Fortnite Mobile vs PUBG mobile will find conflict and different is it better
While PUBG takes a more realistic approach to things
Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode features shooting mechanics very similar to base fortnite mechanics
Therefore you will get a much more arcade-like experience in fortnite
Whereas PUBG will demands more precise timing, leading and aiming from its players
Also, peekerscitech was talked  comparing with PUBG Mobile and PUBG mobile lite

Fortnite mobile vs PUBG mobile

Both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile have
switched to be incredibly popular
also, PUBG being particularly popular among android users while IOS users preferring fortnite

PUBG and Fortnite have created a revolution in the mobile shooter genre
Both games are here to stay and will pull the shooting games users like a magnet

1-gameplay and mechanics

The gameplay is that the process characteristic of a
Battle Royale game. when graphics, the gameplay
becomes the most important purpose of the contest
between the 2 games. Fortnite takes a lot of
cartoonish road whereas PUBG appears like a
contemporary shooter. Like associate degree
evolved sort of Counter-Strike. Fortnite is all
concerning fun, and performing arts and effects.
whereas PUBG is a lot of concerning military
exactitude, which comes off in however the maps
area unit designed and even the choice of garments
out there
on the other hand, fortnite is like the classic type where you can chop down wooden, bricks and metal structures for supplies
also, players find this feature very handy
such as they use it in order to reach inaccessible areas by combining the ramps or different structures

PUBG has none of this building business
There’s no wood to collect, no barricades to build
Also everything you get in PUBG you pick up. from drops, from houses or after killing someone
PUBG is unique especially in modern inclusion of vehicles


Controls are something which PUBG can win fortnite on any given day
PUBG provides customization in its controls whereas fortnite mobile is unable to do
In addition its complex features of building structures and setting traps
Also, it becomes in android mobile

Fortnite mobile vs PUBG mobile
Fortnite mobile vs PUBG mobile

3-Graphics and visuals

We always prefer the visuals subjective
Whether they like fortnite’s uncluttered cartoon aesthetics OR PUBG Mobile’s more detailed visuals
Also the graphics of the game, in turn, make it visually better
Also, fortnite has a barren land on it making it less visually attractive
And makes the game tougher too
There are in PUBG’s interface, the graphics are so powerful
You have to know the topic of graphics largely depends on the type  of smartphone that you use as well

Fortnite mobile vs PUBG mobile
Fortnite mobile vs PUBG mobile


The other main feature of fortnite are the instalments of seasons
There are five seasons which have come out even now and all of it has created a massive interest upon the players to play the game
Season by season the game improves and newer additions are made into the gaming interface
Also, the game has newer features and various other things that allow a fortnite player to stick to the game and wait for the newer version to experience a different level of gaming

Fortnite mobile
Fortnite mobile




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