Free puzzle games for android in 2019


Android games are essential games of puzzles that develop skills and form the brain

and activate the mind to you some of the games will be listed now

Android game consists of many different types of games, including strategy and other type is the casual games

Android games 

1- Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

From very interesting puzzle games.
You face a sliding puzzle with the head-shaking of the game to move the horror of each camp to a reassuring

and become the required tracks complex
And there are a high challenge

2- Tiny Bubbles

This game is exhilarating and exciting. Try to match four bubbles of the same color
The higher levels are colored by the blending
There are disturbing bubbles to remove and thick traps blowing bubbles

3- Flipflop Solitaire

The main goal is to remove each card from the table
And also to create cards on the ranked table
This game is designed for smart phones and also gives you the opportunity to collect cards in both directions

4- A Way to Slay

This is a game of puzzles based on rotation
At each step your opponents get a new chance to adjust their positions
The win comes from discovering a set of moves that will build you on your way to victory.

You must be the only winner


The game is considered tough gas and your role is to make the screen work in red.
You need a lot of thinking.
The start of the game with the presence of a red button must be pressed and then continued to pressure
Then the screen is dictated and the task is completed


The main objective is to connect the water to the cities that are experiencing drought
Over time, the complexity of the required tracks increases
There are also funny pictures and attractive music

7-Calculator: The Game

The objective in the levels is to use the buttons to reach the target number
Also help you to have a lot of skills.
This game is very entertaining and adds to your mind a lot


You have a main goal of reaching the desired goal but you will face many obstacles from objects blocking your way

and you must overcome them
This game is amusing and smart to enjoy


During your game one of the faces disappears and you have to show the shapes at each step
You will face challenge to reach the goals
You have to think hard to discover areas of weakness in your game


9-Does Not Commute

One of puzzle games that have great passages and you are inside a small town
The game will guide you towards where you should leave


This game includes a simple sandbox and you can indulge in corridors to create solar systems
You play the castles of heavenly maggots around the black holes
They will rush to leave colorful traces in their wake

11-RGB Express

The main goal is to set up a delivery company from scratch
You work on dropping small colored boxes in buildings
When you cross the higher levels you will find the roads continue to walk


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