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“Gematsu” said : Pokemon Sun and Moon sold 14.69 million copies in 2016

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For reference, here’s a look at the lifetime totals of other Pokemon titles:Pokemon Diamond / Pokemon Pearl – 17.64 million Pokemon Ruby / Pokemon Sapphire – 11.82 million Pokemon X / Pokemon Y – 16.06 million Pokemon Black / Pokemon White – 15.62 million Pokemon Sun / Pokemon Moon – 14.69 million Pokemon Omega Ruby / Pokemon Alpha Sapphire – 13.68 million Pokemon Heart Gold / Pokemon Soul Silver – 12.72 million Pokemon Fire Red / Pokemon Leaf Green – 11.82 million Pokemon Black 2 / Pokemon White 2 – 7.97 million Pokemon Platinum – 7.69 million Pokemon Emerald – 6.32 millionIt’s worth noting that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are only a few months old and will likely to continue to sell throughout the year.
Pokemon Sun and Moon sold 14.69 million copies in 2016That’s 14.69 million copies in 44 days.
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y hold the top position at 16.06 million units sold, followed by Mario Kart 7 at 14.82 million units sold.
Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon sold a total of 14.69 million units in 2016, Nintendo announced.
A Switch version of the titles, reportedly code-named Pokemon Stars, is rumored to be in development at Game Freak.

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Here’s Proof That Pokemon ‘Mimikyu’ Is The Scariest Pokemon In ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Anime Series

Here's Proof That Pokemon 'Mimikyu' Is The Scariest Pokemon In 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Anime Series

The “pokemon Sun and Moon” animationA recent “pokemon Sun and Moon” anime episode featured “Mimikyu,” the scariest pokemon that also holds a grudge against Pikachu, reported Polygon.
The hype among Pokemon fans about the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” game was so much that it sold millions of copies in no time.
When “Pokemon Sun and Moon” game was released for the Nintendo 3DS, gamers went crazy trying to get their hands on the new game.
In the scene, Mimikyu’s true form was revealed to Meowth, who is team Rocket’s Pokémon companion, which almost cost him his life in the process.

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Mega Stones Coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon Via Competitive Events and Distributions

As such, the Pokemon Company announced that they will be slowly releasing Mega Stones for Pokemon Sun and Moon players via a series of special events and distributions starting next month.
According to the Pokemon fansite Serebii, the Pokemon Company will hold an online competition in late February with Beedrillite and Mawilite as potential prizes.
WWG will report on more details about the Mega Stones will as they become available.
Pokemon X & Y introduced the concept of Mega Evolutions to the Pokemon franchise as a way to give certain fully evolved Pokemon a temporary boost in power.
Eventually, the Pokemon Company confirmed that Mega Evolutions were still in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but they couldn’t be accessed until after players completed the game’s main storyline.

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