Get to know the latest Microsoft updates


where I addressed Windows 10 software issues that appeared immediately after the advent of Windows 10.

Latest Microsoft Updates for all computer device 

Microsoft always works to satisfy its customers

and provide them with a solution to the problems they face while using Windows software

Latest Microsoft Updates


Latest Microsoft Updates for Windows 10:


Every day, the company releases new updates and various features to impress its customers.

These issues included incompatibility with the I Cloud application, Intel screen drivers,

and low Internet performance while roaming profiles are running.

Microsoft has added some new features that will impress users such as adding new emoticons,

and collecting words and images that have been copied for later use called ( cloud clipboard ).

It has also become easy to search for programs from the Start menu directly instead of searching within system applications,

Microsoft has worked to turn on the phone Sync feature with My Computer.

Microsoft announced that it will deposit Windows 10 user on phones

because of the problems faced by its customers and that will be in December from 2019,

and the company declared that its founder Bill Gates used two years ago a new Android system.

Latest Microsoft Updates



*Features of Windows 10 after update:


After Microsoft Updates for Windows 10 We see that it has become a lot of features like:



1- Better support for HDR and light tracking:


The new update will provide greater HDR support as it will be easy to control the game settings and software that use this  modern technology,

and a screen for games will show the CPU consumption and another screen to show what the device starts while playing or running programs.


2-Energy consumption in task manger:


After the software has been updated it is easy to know which applications are more consumed for the device battery.



3-Knowing when the area is filled:



After the update, a new property is provided that you know  ( storage sense ) to see when the storage space is filled to wipe out applications and files that it does not use to provide more space.



4-your phone Programme:



A program that provides people with the ability to synchronize or view pictures, files, and everything on the phone with the device they use.



5-New Screen capture Application:



The update provided the ability to capture and edit the screen by drawing, typing, and other effects.


6- Schedule:


It provides the user with the ability to know which applications have been launched over the past 30 days.



7-Ignore tabs in Microsoft Edge:



This feature provides the ability to mute noisy websites or sounds that can blow up the speakers and this is a competition with chrome.

8- Nearby participation:



A feature that allows you to share files and pictures across nearby devices,

and the user can turn this feature off or sync it with his or her device only.


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