Good news for Huawei owners: The first retreat from Google after the Chinese threat

Ten days ago, there was a crisis for Huawei owners because Google has announced a decision

to ban any dealings with Chinese company Huawei

Also in 2019 Huawei released top 9 phones  of Huawei 

And now new news after the severe threat from Google  to Huawei and the future of smart phones as a whole

 peekerscitech  also talked about all topics related to smartphones

Huawei owners 

Ten days after Google’s big crisis over Huawei, a result of President Trump’s decision

It has become a nuisance to many. China’s Huawei ranks second in the world

On Friday, GMS Arena released a new decision to bring back the Huawei Mate 2 Pro Android  smartphones   from the upcoming Android Q update

This decision from Google is considered a surprise after a week of Google’s announcement to exclude Huawei

also when huawei defies Google To find an alternative to an android replacement

Google is trying to send messages to Huawei owners

Especially after hints made by China that it would prevent the export of minerals on which America relies on artificial intelligence

A few days ago, Huawei announced this good news announced by Google
Huawei will issue a new system called hongmeng

An official from Huawei told the British newspaper Miro that this new system will be issued in Yuenu, which happened before Google’s decision two months

It is said that this system will work on all smart phones, clocks, television, tablets and others

Ala Al Shaimi said the system will issue since last year and Huawei was predicting what would happen
Although the system existed, it wanted to maintain its relationship with Google

there are Huwaei app gallery instead  of Google play




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