Google adds Android television house and Core Services to the Play Store

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Google has added the Android television Launcher and Core Services APKs to the Play Store, which honestly makes me wonder causes of they were not there to begin by.
which told, it would potentially be useful to upgrade the Android television interface for Intelligent TVs and cable determine-highest boxes which also Utilize Android television.
Unfortunately, the pair require a minimum of 8.0 for installation, which poses a crisis as seemingly no other droid television device presently has Oreo at all.
This site has an unofficial, though complete-looking list of droid television devices, which shows a distinct lack of updates.
If you have not received the upgrade via Google Play, you can download the pair from APKMirror here and here.

Phoney Android safety apps in Google Play Store found distributing malware, tracking users

vidimus: In battle against malware, Google adds Play prevent logo to certified Android devices Smartphone users often download safety applications to help prevent their device and data from cyberattacks and hackers.
Malicious apps posing under names involving safety Defender, safety Keeper, Intelligent safety, and Advanced Boost managed to slip past Play Store defences and onto the devices of Android users.
After installation, the malicious apps are designed to operate via push alerts which display alarmist warnings on intrusive pop-up windows.
Google has been notified of the 36 malicious apps and they’ve ever been removed from the Play Store.
droid safety alert: Google’s latest bulletin warns of 47 bugs, 10 critical Google’s droid safety bulletin for December includes a number of flaws which vendors are going to necessity to patch.
Phoney Android security apps in Google Play Store found distributing malware, tracking users

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Beware-Millions of Android Users Download Malicious Flashlight Apps on Google Play

Flashlight Apps on Google Play are the generality patchy apps.
After which claim, Google has removed 22 malicious flashlight apps on Google Play.
Beware-Millions of Android Users download Malicious Flashlight Apps on Google PlayCheck Point calls this adware “LightsOut,”.
In 2017, Check Point estimated between 35.5 and 106 mn malicious app downloads from Google Play.
but, in 2016 it was 15.5 to 20.5 mn malicious app downloads.