Google Play app to donate in-app buys from 12 apps to battle world hunger

The Google Play app store has partnered by 12 developers of apps and games to battle hunger.
Google going to donate 100 % of proceeds from The Apps and Games Against Hunger collection in honor of World Food Day, which Information Systems dedicated to eliminating hunger.
The World Food Day aims to alleviate hunger and ensure food safety and nutritious diets for all.
Each app has an in-app buy which Information Systems designated for World Food Day.
Proceeds from those in-app buys going to be donated to the World Food programme USA, which supports the mission of the UN World Food Programme.

Hurry up and add the Google Play store to your fresh Amazon blaze 10HD

Quickly add the Google Play app store to your fresh Amazon blaze 10HDLast time I bought an Amazon tablet adding the Google store was a real pain!
In order to get the generality through my fresh 7th generation Amazon Tablet, I needed the Google Play store.
To add the Google Play store follow these steps:STEP THE FIRSTEnable apps from UNKNOWN SOURCES!
THE 2nd STEPDownload and download 4 Google apps in this specific order:STEP THREEReboot the device.
FOURTHOpen the Google Play app.
Google Play app store

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Pixel 2’s eSIM Manager app this day found in Google Play Store

The eSIM designation stands for embedded SIM and the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL going to be the 1st handsets to employ it.
And by the upcoming release of the fresh Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL later this week, Google has posted the eSIM Manager app in the Google Play Store.
At the danger of repeating ourselves, outside of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, no other handsets have an eSIM inside at the moment.
That, however, Information Systems sure to change in the future.Just final week, the Device Health Services app was also added to the Google Play Store .
We may going to see Google add further system apps to the Play Store ever it makes it easier to upgrade certain advanced individually without pushing out an entire Android update.source: eSIMManager via AndroidAuthority

How does Google Play prevent aim to get better Android security?

Google’s fresh safety platform, known as Google Play Protect, aims to get better Android application security.
are some of the advanced in Google Play Protect, and does it do sufficient to bolster app security?
Google Play Protect’s app scanning feature replaces Google’s Former app scanning tool, Verify Apps, and Information Systems actually built into any device which comes by the Google Play Store.
While some of the safety measures in Google Play prevent have been around for a while, this Information Systems a welcome overhaul, giving users further data about their device’s security.
Play prevent Information Systems slowly rolling out to users that are running Play Services 11 or above.

collected by :Mina Lony