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Google play games for PC:how to run and play

Google play games for PC is simple and enjoyable
Peekerscitech was talked about google play games for android

Google play games for PC

Android smartphone gaming does not close to reaching the levels of the PC or console
Things are always developing though, especially as hand-held devices get more powerful
But even with the best devices, there are still quite a few games that I’d love to play on a bigger screen with a keyboard and mouse
In order to run an android game for pc is to use an emulator while the options are somewhat limited, one, in particular, stand out now you should read this article and learn

1- Setup

Google play games for PC

Installing is a very simple process, you have to do is download the program from the bluestacks website and run the file
Also, the installer file is large and the engine setup may take a while
Then open the program
This program does not take a few seconds
After that, you will be asked to sign in using a google account as android smartphones
Perhaps you may come across error messages as hardware acceleration is not available on your system or this host supports intelVT-x but it is disabled
Enabling hardware acceleration features to help virtualization apps run smoother and much faster

2-installing games

Google play games for PC

Firstly the bluestacks app center features a robust collection of games divided into many categories such as casual, action and card games
Also, you can browse through the top charts of the trending and highest grossing games available
Then scrolling through a long list of recommended games
Also You will see a search box if you want specific games
And you are comfortable when you look for apps and games on the google play store
You can do the same operation, go to my apps tab and open the system apps folder
Launch the play store and you can download with install games

Performance and features

Google play games for PC

There are high-performance games and it was great to see that bluestacks handled all of them with ease
While there was no negative impact on performance, my laptop got uncomfortably warm after keeping bluestacks running for about an hour
And the battery drain was quite
Also, it features graphics intensive games
And you can set the resolution from 720p to Quacl HD and set the dpi to high or low
And button mapping lets you set up the keyboard the way you like it

How to play android games for PC

Some games feature using from a keyboard interface
That is why Nox lets you map keyboard keys in order to activate this simulated touch
1-tap ctrl-1 or swipe with the mouse
2-click whatever keyboard key you want assigned o that action
3-after that keep clicking or swiping and assigning even you are done
4-finally click save
Also, the system supports some games like asphalt 8 airborne, batman, the walking dead
Those games run well on this system




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