Google Play Music reduce Apple Music in India

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Reddit members and Google product forum-goers are reporting that Google Play Music stops playing, seemingly at random, on a range of devices.
In the meantime, you can go to support.google.com hit Music > Problem Playing Music and send an email or call the 24-hour helpline about the matter.
A longstanding Google Play Music problem has risen again.
Yet the comments in its Google product thread are still mounting up.
The resurgence of the issue, which was first added to the Google Product forums last July, may be linked to a recent update: there are many Google Pixel owners who are now reporting the problem, and the same issue appears to occur when using Google Play Music with Google Home (which is also yet to be resolved).

Playback Issues Frustrate Some Google Play Music Users

according to Users on the Google Play Help Forum are reporting issues with playback in Google Play Music, specifically about songs that intermittently stop.
Why it matters to you Google Play Music is one of the world’s leading music streaming platforms, so these issues could affect a large number of users.
Some have suggested rolling back to a previous version of the Google Play Music app, while others have fixed the bug by clearing the cache.
What’s more, the issues don’t seem to be constrained to a single device.
More: Some Google Pixel phones have a microphone issue, but Google implemented a fix.
Google Play Music Users


Google Play Music All Access arrives in India, and it’s cheap

Google Play Music

according to Google Play Music All Access, which features ad-free music streaming, is now available to residents in India.
Google Play Music All Access is available on Android, iOS, and through web.
In comparison, Google Play Music All Access costs $9.99 a month in the United States.
The announcement comes months after Google Play Music service went live in India.
India’s music market is already fairly crowded with the likes of several local players Saavn, Gaana, Wynk Music, and only time will tell how Play Music fares in the country.

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