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Google Play is adding its first original podcast series, called “City Soundtracks

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A little under a year ago, Google added podcast support to Google Play Music.
You can stream City Soundtracks right now on Play Music, with more episodes to come in the future.
Spotify is currently working on several exclusive podcasts for its service, and now Google is doing the same with ‘City Soundtracks.’
The first three episodes are already available – featuring Kehlani, Big Freedia, and Spoon, respectively.
Each episode of features musicians discussing growing up in their hometown, with host Hrishikesh Hirway, and includes a mix of conversation and curated playlists.

Google Play unveils its first original podcast series, ‘City Soundtracks’

As it stated in Google Play is adding its first original podcast series, called “City Soundtracks,” to its music service, Google announced this morning.
In addition, Google has come up with an interesting way to connect its new original series to the other music offered on Google Play.
Instead, this feels more like Google testing the waters with original content, instead of a larger effort to compete with streaming rivals.
Plus, the company had previously stepped into original content last year with a dozen music-themed video series, some of which were better than others.
“City Soundtracks” will be a mix of both conversation and music, says Google.



Google Play Music launches its first original podcast, City Soundtracks

As it stated in Today, Google announced that it is joining the podcast trend by launching its own, City Soundtracks, as part of a tie-in to its Google Play Music service.
See also: 10 best music streaming apps and music streaming services for AndroidThe current king of music streaming, Spotify, announced earlier this week it had reached the 50 million paying subscriber milestone.
A subscription to Google Play Music is not required to download the City Soundtracks podcast.
Google likely decided to get into the original podcast business as an effort to publicize and get more people to sign up for Google Play Music.
If you’d like to give City Soundtracks a listen, check it out at the Google Play link below.

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