Google launches new platform stadia games for 2019

Google launches new platform stadia games for 2019

the best invention for games in 2019
For two full years, Google has worked to create a new gaming platform that is changing from the usual gaming concept that requires special hardware and specifications .
so that players can continue to play every year, or at least all year round with the accelerated evolution of graphics games and their details.
this is what Google has developed In mind, they wanted to provide a gaming experience for everyone on earth without having to get expensive devices or playing platforms.

google finally showed off ,it stadia video gaming platform at the 2019 .
there is no privacy or date set for streaming platforms’s launch.
players will be able to quikly load games on smartphones,tablet and desktop computer.
yesterday, phil harrison said that launching in 2019.
and it works easy to move us in the same moment.
you will play with controllers .
and you already have play on devices.
then it works through wifi directly on screen.
it ensures the high impossible performance and best experience for a place.
you can play with family,friends and others.

Features of google stadia games:

1- it is a creativity at every level.
2-stadia helps assistant special in games
3-it has a cross platform play.
4-stadia has up to 4 kps and HDR.
5- and in the future it will be up to 1080 resoluation .
6- it includes world state, players’s position an inventory.
7- one player can be share on youtube and APP.
8-it has a google assistant for helping the player.To do the highest levels of artificial intelligence.
it launched 2019 at us,canada, uk and europe.

Steps for working

1-You are in on TV on any game you prefer.
2-Then search for one of the videos and then click on the play button
3- you will become in the games



Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is game To experiment
and The game worked in seconds without cutting.
And they didn’t need to decompress one file or upload an add

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