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Shortcut Service links
Shortcut Service links

Google Announces Start – End Shortcut Service links for (Goo.gl )Links

About 10 years ago, new services emerged whose main function was to shorten web links. These services targeted social networking sites such as Twitter, which set the number of characters allowed in the tweet to 140 characters before raising the number last year to 280.

These services include Goo.gl link from Google, launched in 2009 which consider as the best Shortcut Service links.

Google Goo.gl service for shortcut service links, launched in the year 2009

One such service is Goo.gl from Google, for shortcut service links Which launched in 2009, but it seems that the service will not complete its tenth year, as Google announced that it will start the phase-out of the service in the coming weeks, to complete completely next year. Fortunately, all links shortened by the service will not affect and will continue to work.

“Since then (the launch of the service in 2009), many common URL shortening services have emerged, and the ways in which people find content on the Internet have changed dramatically, starting with desktop web pages,” Google said in a publication on the developers’ blog. Primarily to applications, mobile devices, home help devices, etc. ”

Shortcut Service links
Shortcut Service links

The reason behind the cancellation of Goo.gl shortcut service links from Google

The company launched goo.gl shortcut service links in 2009, which is the easiest way to share links via social media, and measure the number of visits to websites, which helps users to change the pattern of use on those sites through access to both Computers, applications or smart devices.

The reason for this decision, the company said it comes to focus efforts, so that the Firebase Dynamics Links service replaces Goo.gl. Google pointed out that FDL is a smart URL that allows you to send existing and potential users to any location within Android, iOS or Web applications.

Shortcut Service links
Shortcut Service links

Existing alternatives can be used instead of the Goo.gl shortcut service links

But what if you are looking for a service that cuts links? Google has pointed out that there are current alternatives like Bitly and Ow.ly, because as of April 13, no new user will be able to shorten a link across the Goo.gl platform.

Although all the features of the goo.gl service will disappear, the current links will continue to function in the conversion of users to the original links. Traders will also be able to view data, analysis and download short link data in CSV format for a full year ending at 30 March 2019, the date of full cancellation of the service.

Shortcut Service links
Shortcut Service links

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