Google takes a try for fixing AMP’s URL problem

Google created today for fixing AMP’s URL problem through Signed Exchanges

AMP format considers In its general concept, it goes to the accelerated mobile pages
From the document you notice that the pages are loaded easily and faster than normal web pages
When you click one of the links it will be the title URL Is the same address the original URL for the story
For easy implementation, application and work of this thing.
and You have to do every thing in technologies involved in loading the AMP format has to support Signed Exchanges
It includes your browser and your search engine

You can  recognize the secrets of URL  links and indexed problems of URL 

Fixing AMP’s URL problem

Try to resolve the complex problem
Many companies have tried for Fixing AMP’s URL problem
Through Many aspects.
Is the problem in the blocker of ads or updates of the advertiser and others?
One of the goals is to focus on mobile devices to replace the Web with higher and stronger control
also Google always cares about standards and focuses on web openness, security and censorship So Google AMP took care to match the standards
In this case we will face a problem in order to match the same web standards that are URL

what is Signed Exchanges thing means to fix?

The main goal is to tell the parties in the technology series that they trust each other
The main fixing it does the Signed Exchanges standard means that is the publisher gives the distributor what he can display from content AMP
It also provides you with an URL
and This suggests that Google wants to make publishers according to their non-standard
This will provide business to already overloaded companies such as apple
The new standard will become universal
The main goals is in collecting and allows webpages to be packaged up and zoomed around the internet
Google is not subject to any authority or any controversy or other entity

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