Google’s translatotron is the first tool can directly translate speech

Google’s translatotron  is a  new tool has been launched to make it easier to speak another language

It is a different translation model that converts speech from one language to another

And also with all this keeps the speaker’s voice and rhythm

This translation is not translated into text first and then back to speech

And certainly this method leads to many mistakes

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also In this year Google launched   the best  platform games are called Google stadia games 

Google’s translatotron

The technique translates the speaker’s voice from a language into a language

This technology and new translation system will help you speak the language you do not know is a unique system

How translation works?

It is supposed to Google’s AL blog The translation systems are divided into three  steps

1-The first step conveys the speech
2-Then they translate the copies into the target language
3-Before creating the ultimate audio compiler

In theory, three -steps will be summarized in one step.
It is boycotted by one operation instead of three

One of the most important features is that it keeps the original sound

Is a new model of serialization sequence network that takes audio input and performs visual representation of frequencies.
A new spectral program is then generated in a target language
Most importantly, the result is very quick and is correct most of the time

You can also encrypt an optional speaker
It works to maintain the speaker’s voice and still synthesizes the speaker’s voice

Although he is a robotic, he keeps the voice of the speaker very much

The system is not ready to apply but its technology seems to give a bright future to the world of communications

Google has done a lot of updates and developments in recent years and added a number of languages in logical pronunciation

This year Google got a translator mode for smart screens and speakers that range from 26 language


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