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Hidden reasons behind Facebook disables


 above all,yesterday, it happened disable to Facebook without warning to some people

or  it sent messages to Sudden warning or malfunction  .

 and is this true and what happened to Facebook users ?

 also There are probably reasons behind Facebook disable

Hidden reasons behind Facebook disables

 also one of the most important reason:

1-  IS there a bug on the Facebook technology?

There’s definitely a real reason to disable Facebook,
 and Technical problems have arisen a lot in the pastime, especially in 2018, which has increased the privacy rate of Facebook administration
 and In 18 SEP 2018 the Privacy on Facebook has been increased between all the hacking and thefts.
Then, Most of the technical problems were addressed.
and Many times there are rumors that have nothing to do with the truth.

2-is there any hacking on Facebook?

In an odd event of its kind, all Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp properties are disrupted.
 and There are messages coming through Messenger. The founder of Facebook will close Facebook for more than 50 million subscribers.
 and , you will think that message for warning or virus.
also Is this true because of hacking Or is it a joke ?

3-  Many Facebook users are in serious worry.

 firstly, Social media users are an important part of their life browsing on Facebook.
Such as sending a message and knowing news.
 and Disabling Facebook will cause them a real panic
this is a lifestyle to social media users.

4-  Is there a hidden hand message with Facebook, or being anyone is trying to disable Facebook and its technology these days?

Facebook is witnessing an event that makes everyone wonders and  what the real reason is for disabling all Facebook social media.
But the strange thing is, the holidays extend for hours to date, and may extend or end soon, especially only hours after completion
in the Facebook administration, the holidays will  resolve quickly in the coming days.Some special procedures that Facebook is preparing for
 and The wonder there is not all of these techniques of social communication, any kind of communication and specifically
Photos, videos, and massages>

And that’s what made everyone wonders why this is so weird, especially in the context of ongoing events.
Finally, Perhaps Facebook will soon answer the reason behind this sudden fall of all modern technologies used by Facebook.
We are up to the clock waited for Facebook comments about what happened.

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