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Honor 10 vs Huawei p20
Honor 10 vs Huawei p20

Honor 10 vs Huawei p20 more similar than you can realize


Huawei is one of the leading Chinese companies, especially the last years and Honor 10 vs Huawei p20 are very similar

In this year launched best huawei smartphones.
It became in competition with Samsung galaxy that launch two devices for 2019.
Such Samsung galaxy s9 and Samsung galaxy note 9

We will talk about two smartphones it is more similar than others

Honor 10 vs Huawei p20

We refer to the similarities and difference to give an idea and help you for choosing

Honor 10 vs huawei p20 in the design

Both devices have a glass background and a trick to change the color
The screen changes depending on color and angle
Both devices have metal tires
if you tilt them forward, you’ll find Both have slim bezels and a notch
The Huawei P20 is less glossy

Both phones have fingerprint scanner in the bottom frame
but the Honor 10 is under the glass

the dimensions of the Huawei P20 are now 149.1 x 70.8 x 7.7 mm and the Honor 10 149.6 x 71.2 x 7.7 mm means that they are very similar in size

hwawei p20 is heavier than at 165g to the Honor 10’s 153g

The display:


peekerscitech talked a lot about the difference between smartphones display

Both phones have a notch and similarly sized screens.

The Honor 10 has a 5.84-inch 1080 x 2280 IPS LCD display, an aspect ratio of 19: 9 and a pixel density of 432 pixels per inch,
while the Huawei P20 has a 5.8-inch 1080 x 2240 IPS LCD screen with one aspect has ratio of 18.7: 9 and a pixel density of 429 pixels per inch

Honor 10 vs Huawei P20 camera and battery

Honor 10 has an al powered dual-lens camera
Also it has a 16MP f / 1.8 color lens and a 24MP black and white lens

Huawei P20 also has a dual-lens camera with AI-assisted scene detection, but its lenses are a 12MP f / 1.8 color and a 20MP f / 1.6 monochrome

The battery is 3.400mAh in both phones
Both also support fast loading but no wireless loading

Honor 10 vs Huawei P20 Price

the honor 10 costs $720 but Huawei P20 costs $1.080


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