How does social media affect your mental health?

Social media affect your mental health every day if you use it
Prince harry offers the warning that social media is dangerous to young people and kids
Some studies between social media and android smartphones
There are many negative effects such as depression,anxiety and eating issues
In this article, we will discuss the important effects in your mental health

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social media affect your mental health



the CNC Announced IN America the suicide rate has grown 25% since 1999
DR nassir ghaemi said to CNN part of the blame must be with the rise of social media
There are a strong relationship with social media and depression
Professor Margaret duffy said that if you use social media site in relationship with family and friends
and This is an advantage but you will feel envy among users.that will lead to feelings of depression
And there are a link between sleep disruption and excessive android smartphones
another studies said that people who spend the night with checking social media will suffer from neuroticism and bipolar disorder
sally davies warned that there are increasing an anxiety and policy about the impact of computer and smartphone screen
also Studies have not reached a definitive conclusion on mental health
Do social media leads to anxiety and depression?
Or that the patients of anxiety and depression resort to the means of social communication to escape from their illness
It shows the disease
Social media do not affect people equally

The positive effects

The studies found a connection between facebook and depression
The users that use the facebook platforms do not face the negative effects but facebook is tools for leisure and information
There is also a study that means of social communication are useful for those with mental health problems to create a different society and relationships and communication and bring them a positive feeling
They provide a source of emotional support
Professor John powell says that social media is mean for people with health condition in order to know they are not alone

Also matthew oransky says that patients find the special connections via social media
It is impossible to find it in another places
You determine how you use social media
The more time a person spends on social media, the more isolated he or she becomes from society
If a person spends a limited period of time working and communicating with his family and friends, this will help him avoid any negative effects




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