How Facebook effects our psychological and social lives

Facebook effects our psychological and social lives …..

.Social media sites are no longer just ordinary sites on the Internet, but are part of our daily lives, to the extent that most people can not imagine their lives

without Facebook and surf the site every day, and people outside this site are seen as out of the ordinary today .

The negative effects of living on the Facebook site

Facebook and social relationships

Adolescents who rely heavily on Facebook often engage in superficial relationships with a large number of virtual friends,

without developing genuine intimate relationships face-to-face.

“We may have the option to work and communicate from anywhere,” says Siri Turkt, the author of All Alone, “but we are also vulnerable to being alone everywhere.

We are looking for technology to fill the void, but as technology advances, Emotional and social. ”

Facebook does not establish deep relationships, but rather establishes superficial relationships that start with the push of a button

and end with the push of a button. It is confined to the relationship of knowledge, which involves the exchange of lycat.

Facebook relations are more about self-review than real relationships.

it  does not focus on others as much as we do about ourselves. “Facebook is a way of concentrating the greater part of our attention on ourselves as it appears to focus attention on our relationship with others. It is a mirror disguised as a window.

How does Facebook affect our time and focus?

One of the points that everyone can tap on is Facebook’s negative impact on our time, attention and focus, which is clearer when we leave the site for a certain period to discover that we have a lot of extra time today.

In terms of time, Facebook’s effect is that one gets into it with the intention of staying only five minutes from checking friends’ news,

but these five minutes turn into half an hour or more of browsing and scrolling between pages, images and posters.

If one of us Time of achievement or work, this time comes at the expense of achievement, and in addition to this, this time captures the most pure times of our day in the morning.

In terms of focus, it steals our focus for two reasons; obsession with updating our account with pictures, posters

and new comments and checking the news of friends, and the second in the amount of information and the huge influx of posters at every moment.

Perhaps the clearest thing to say in this context is to wonder how many times we have been working or studying

and stopped suddenly to take a look at Facebook, how many times we lose our attention after verification?

Does Facebook make us more miserable?

Almost all studies and field research on the impact of Facebook on our psychological life, that Facebook is one of the contributors to the misery of the individual, because of the negative psychological manifestations such as doubling the sense of jealousy and tension and loneliness and depression sometimes.

One study has revealed how students who spend more time on Facebook are more unhappy than their peers, because of the problem of social comparison with others promoted by Facebook.

Facebook is primarily about sharing, sharing photos, news, personal achievements and everything that is new in our personal lives, which naturally promotes a culture of comparison.

“Facebook makes us feel everyday that the lives of others are full of happiness and constant adventure, and when we compare it with our lives, the result is often sad.” The problem is that this image is the masterpiece of Facebook browsing, which means that Avoiding them requires great effort and awareness

Does Facebook Boost Addiction?

Facebook programming encourages the user to spend the longest time browsing the site, which means that the user will be suspended for longer use of the site.

This has called on psychologists to investigate the impact of Facebook on the formation of cases of addiction to the site,

and it is strange that if we look at the symptoms of known cases of addiction in general, we find it applies to many users of Facebook, namely:

– Non-use of the material (ie, to refrain from entering the site) to a state of tension and mood change.
– The need to spend more time or use more material to get the same saturation rate (such as increasing the time spent on the site).
– There is a difficulty in abandoning the use of the material voluntarily even for a limited period.
– Social and recreational activities have increasingly focused on the substance of addiction.
– Maintain the use of the material and if it has a negative impact on the home life, study or operation.

The Internet in general causes this addiction, we have to beware of it


Of course,  there was positive points in Facebook, such as opening the world to each other in an unprecedented way,

and it helped to maintain communication between people away from us, as well as facilitated the process of identifying people who share with us the interests and ideas, and other benefits to Social, political and practical levels; but its control over our daily lives invites us to review its effects and evaluate its implications for our lives

How can we temper Facebook without canceling it?

There is a set of practical tips to rationalize our use of Facebook, to be more healthy and to reduce its negative effects on our lives, and this is a set of tips:

– Open Facebook once or twice a day at most, for example by checking every hour, you can set certain times to open it.

– Do not check Facebook in the morning, and this is probably the hardest advice,

but morning is the most important time of your day, so you should not allow Facebook to affect your mood and absorb your energy from the beginning.

– Do not put the Facebook program on the phone, you can check it from the computer, for example, or from the tablet, because the status of Facebook on the phone easier to inspect, and therefore stay within the duration.

– Try to find alternative sources of knowledge about Facebook, so that your personal dependence on it.

– Reduce the amount of information you get on Facebook,

there are several settings to organize what you want to see and organize the list of friends you want to follow.

– Do not check Facebook when you are in the process of important, so as not to distract your focus constantly.

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