How has Modern technology played a role in globalization


modern technology have a big role in globalization.

Technology made up many things possible like code bar so ,the IT sector will make more easier.

modern technology includes education, business and software 

Modern technology

Technology was  added many jobs too.

Also person can use his card to pay in a foreign country easily.

And helping for making many global platforms,sharing information, facts and solutions

It removed the needs of human interaction for shopping

also,Modern technology helped to develop medical science

And publishing commercial easier.

transport technology


vehicle tended to become larger and more available environmentally

whether for personal use or for company .

modern technology made the world small and raising in the globalization

Information and communication technology


Our ways of life was changed by technology

Whether it is work , home and any place you go

The internet and the development of communication help to improve the life.

Information technology


The internet is essentially a network of computers across the world which is linked through global telecommunications

Finally, It enables people from almost anywhere in the world to access information on almost any topic from shopping to weather forecasts and from research to downloading music and movies

Environment technology

Firstly, Engineering technology has a role through the application of various projects building piped connection such as public taps

WHO reports that 91 percent of the world had improved source of drinking water due to the efforts.



Technology created a sustainable economic and unemployment of adults have dropped down to %20



Technology effected on all kind of sectors especially education

For example Introduction of Smart classes . Digital India has created a knowledge based society.

The Prime Minister has introduced such initiative such as e-education which will impart education using technologies

including smartphones , mobile apps and internet services in far.

Finally, all sector will improve because  technology became part of our life.

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