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How to Avoid Facebook Scams and hackers

We need to know how to avoid Facebook scams
Social media site list has become famous more than any other website
Therefore peekerscitech was discussing many topics about social media site list and topic related to elements of information security  you must to read it

How to Avoid Facebook Scams

Facebook is one of the main social media sites
You can connect with old friends and new friends
We will talk about why do developers create apps?
There are some developers want to create a fun app for people to enjoy
Other developer builds programs that are part of a marketing strategy
But some developer creates lots of programs to scams the data
You must know how to avoid scams
There are quizzes, games, tools and other apps
Each app demands you to install a few lines of code to your facebook profile

How to Avoid Facebook Scams

Therefore all you have to do is click a button on a page, refer that you accept the user agreement and install the app
You must know two concepts is built facebook ‘s privacy policy
You fill out a Facebook profile, you can include information from your name to your address and how to use information
If information remains private, you feel safe
But this is not the truth because it is impossible facebook share your information to someone you did not know
Also, Facebook gives privacy protection but no system is ideal
Developers can find a way around safeguards and access information


Scammers collect passwords or credit card numbers and use the information to take advantage of the victims
If an application tries to take you to a new page, take care to that page’s domain name
Some scammers are very smart enough to make a mockup of a real facebook page with a request for your password
If you find name seems fishy you have not inserted your password
Avoiding messages that advise you to download or install additional apps after you have begun the process is a sign of malware

In other situation, you will receive messages that appear from her or him
These messages demand you to visit a link included in the note
Be careful perhaps your friends’ profile has been compromised
And the text message was sent automatically

How to Avoid Facebook Scams

How to Avoid Facebook Scams

There are is many common ways scammers trick people into sharing
They try to the victim’s vanity with a message that suggests the victims can be seen in a compromising or funny at a certain web site
Then the link to the web site actually leads the victim to download malware
After that, they make promises to getting rich quickly
Or they tempt the victim into sharing a credit card number
Finally, commit credit card fraud

Another way with visiting video
One of many scams tricks to make the users visit a fake video site
And download malware in the disguise of a video player
After the user’s profile was compromised, the malware would be sent out messages to that’s user’s friends, claiming the recipient could be seen acting strangely in a video




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