How to comparing systems ‘IOS, ANDROID and WINDOWS PHONE’

Comparing systems ‘IOS, android and windows phone’  is more intense every day,

and competition between them is no longer only on smartphones and tablet devices, but it  evolved the competition to include smart watches and smart accessories, and today we will offer you a comparison of the basic operating systems.

Now we will compare between them in several properties 

comparing systems

The owner company


The system is available only on Apple devices, such as IPhone, IPod, and IPad,

and when the system was first released in 2007 it was found acceptable to a particular user in the American market,

where it has been creative, has also contributed to its creative diffusion in the design of Apple’s hardware and its high technical characteristics


Google create  this system and also available to any company requesting its authorization,

which is located in a number of devices such as HTC, Samsung company, Motorola, Acer, LG, and others.

Android achieved a great success during a short period since launching it, it is not limited to smart phones, but can be used on Tablets, and its latest versions is lollipop.

Windows phone

Windows Phone 7 (Windows Phone 7) is a Smartphone operating system that is still under development

and update by Microsoft although it has been put on the market on several devices but in specific languages not including Arabic.

The system was released October 21, 2010 in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and November 8, 2010 in the United States

and Canada and finally

in Asia first 2011. With Microsoft Windows 7 phone,

you offer an integrated system with a unique interface (Metro) , which is of its kind. An update was released for version 7 named Mango.

comparing systems



This system may be the fastest in the world,where it features a very fast entry and browsing between applications, high performance in gaming,

and a large number of tasks in terms of multitasking.

It also features stable, not much affected application errors, making the phone keep its speed even after a year or two has passed system or device

from which you may get a great value for the price if you are looking for this particular point.

it may make it the best operating system for phones in terms of speed.


Multiple cases in this system, for example, in terms of major phones, on many occasions the phone speed is great when you first buy it, but when the first six months pass

you may see a slowing down of the device, especially in the phones of Samsung and HWI,

which prove many unnecessary applications in Their devices,

which affect the machine in a very negative way, but that doesn’t mean there are exceptions,

it’s in Google’s phones and which are Nexus and Pixel, they keep their speed dramatically with time because Google puts a few apps on the system.

Windows phone

This system may resemble the Apple system’s condition significantly, it maintains the stability of the machine and the time,

but its overall speed cannot reach the previous two systems, despite the company’s many attempts to improve it.

Privacy and protection


It is known as Jailbreak and is also called disconnection between the operating system itself and its manufacturer;

The principle of action varies between it and demonopolization based on one network in terms of concept but one way,

Apple came up with this principle in an effort to create a system protected from prying hands Reducing the download of anonymous applications thus reducing the efficiency of the system,

the company put the user’s hands on a shop offering software for iphone, nor it should be noted that when you unprotect,

the device will be exposed to open protection and thus allow malicious applications and programs to access Phone.


Android is a secure system, because it is based on the Linux kernel. it offers many virus protection applications

and even risks of hardware theft such as the lookout program.

In Android 4.1 More than 90% of the gaps in the previous version 4.0 were closed.

Windows phone 

Windows Phone is intensely inspired by the business class where they would now be able to encode telephone information

as the organization’s remote control capacity for Windows Phone’s 8 telephones and some of their applications there will be their own particular store on the off chance that they need to.


ios, android and windows phone


The system comes with a number of preloaded applications: (Notes, Contacts, Safari (browser),

YouTube, mail, calendar, images, movies, music, August store (App shop),

itunes (music & Movies Store), maps, calculator, clock, weather, Stock exchange). For ipad,

the last five programs do not come with its version and my program (music and movies)  merged into one program called “ipod” in iphone and ipad.

The system occupies the first place in the number of applications between mobile phone systems with 700,000 a formal application located on the app store ranging from programs to games.


The Google PlayStation Store is a web-based software store run by Google for Android devices, the “Google Play” app installed on most Android devices,

until December 2012 there is a 700,000 application found in the App Store.

Google has many programs in store from which Goggles and Earth and SkyMap.

Unlike most other systems, the Android system is using the installation of alternative app stores, of the most famous Amazon store stores named Amazon AppStore.

windows phone

The command in the windows phone is completely different, although the store contains the most prominent social  media  applications, but it stays behind  other systems in terms of application updates and design.

The company tried to improve this situation by creating universal apps applications,

which include its idea applications developed for computers are also working for phones and other devices, but we have not see  the results of this step yet.

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