How to convert Iphone apps to another iphone?

Learn more about convert iphone apps to another iphone in this article
We talked in peekerscitech about serious problem iphone and iphone XR
Now we will put steps to learn convert iphone apps

Convert Iphone apps

1-firstly, open the app store
It is a blue app that contains a white circle
In order to convert the apps, you must to be signed in to the app store
It is used the same app store
You will show to you steps:
1-open setting
2-press ITunes and app store
3-press sign in on the apple ID
4-enter apple ID and passport
5-press sign in

2-secondly, press on the right corner of the screen
3-thirdly, tap at the top of the screen
4-press on this iphone
You will find at the upper right and apps are listed in this order
5-press on the download button
The app will start downloading
Also you can download multiple apps

How to delete music on your iphone?

1-open setting on your iphone
2-press general (you have to see the option at the bottom)
3-press storage and icloud usage
4-then press on manage storage
5-select music from the white app
6-tap on what you want to delete
It is impossible to delete every song on your iphone
Or delete an artist from all lists
7-tap to the (edit), you will find it in the top right corner of the screen
8-press the red circle to the left of an option
9-then tap delete
This step will help you to remove your song
Or artist from your iphone
10-finally press done when you are finished

Another method

1-open music
2-then press on library in the bottom left corner
3-after that tap songs ( in the middle of the screen )
4-press a song
5-at the bottom of the screen, press the song’s tab
6-press … in the bottom right side of the screen
7-also press delete from library
8-and select delete song




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