How to delete apps on iPhone

Everyone wants to add apps and delete apps on iPhone.

We will talk about how to delete apps and choose the best.

Delete apps on iPhone


there are three steps to delete apps on iPhone


step 1 of delete app on iphone 


tap and hold the icon of the app you want to get rid of on your home screen

and hold your finger directly on the icon for about two second

iphone6 and onword may respond differently to this gesture than you expect

step 2 of  delete app on iphone  


then, wiggling apps will show you a small x mark on the corner

when you hit the x,you will be reminded that delete apps on iPhone

Please note that this will not cancel any subscription or accounts you may have through an app your HBO subscription will still be active without the app


Step 3 of  delete app on iphone 

Secondly, Go through your old apps and delete them all 


how to delete apps on an iPhone 1

how to delete apps on an iPhone 2

Wanting to delete apps more quickly than just one at a time? There’s a way to do that, too

Firstly, go to the setting and look for the general sectioning up towards and select it

Secondly, you may want to update your phone to find iPhone storage.

It’s always a good idea to have the latest version of iOS anyway.

Thirdly, it will lead to a list of all apps

You will choose the app will take you to a screen

And give you a clear choice delete app or offload app

If you delete app of iPhone, it will keep of comments and date

 thirdly, How to hide Apple’s built-in apps


You cannot permanently delete those apps, but you can hide them.

Hold down on the icon until it shakes,

and then press the “X.” This will remove the app just like it will with all others, but the data and the capabilities of the app will remain on your iPhone.


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