How to estimate a Password in easy ways

In the beginning, you must read this article without stopping
and learning how to  estimate a password and discover new ways
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But now look at and focus on steps

How to estimate a Password

1-Estimate the most common passwords

Such as Password, 123456@, abc123, qwerty, monkey, dragon, baseball, iloveyou, master, 123123, welcome, shadow, Ashely, football and mypassword

2- Use some common positive identification tricks.

aside from guessing the foremost obvious passwords,
there area unit a couple of tricks that area unit employed by skilled positive identification guessers. They know, as an example, that there is a minimum of a five hundredth likelihood that a user’s positive
identification can have one or additional vowels.
Here area unit a couple of alternative tricks that you simply ought to know
If the positive identification features a range in it, it’ll
be typically be a one or a pair of and it’ll be at the tip of the positive identification.
If there is a graphic symbol within the positive
identification, it’ll typically be at the start — usually followed by a vowel.

3- Sometimes you need to request a hint

If the password has a hint option, then ask for a hint to lead you
The hint question can be something as what is your mother’s maiden name?
These questions can help narrow down your guessing

Others way

1-Guess personal names

Some people have personal names in their passwords
Now you can try to guess a password
Such as the name of the person’s siblings, the name of the person’s current or favourite pet
Also the person’s childhood nickname or current nickname

2-Guess the person’s hobbies

You can read some tricks to try
Try collecting between a man’s favourite athlete with his favourite
Also, guess the name of a woman’s favourite TV show or the name of a favourite character on that show

3-Estimate important numbers

Many people use numbers in their password
These numbers indicate a date or a lucky number
Other people can use numbers on their own
Now some ways to guess a person’s password based on numbers
-guess the person’s birthday
-try the person’s street address
-also, try the person’s lucky number

4-estimate the person’s favourite things

It is impossible you can guess the person’s favourite things
As a person’s favourite TV show
Also the person’s favourite movie
And other favourite things




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