How to fix Iphone problems now?

we face many Iphone problems you must to learn fixing it

such as cracked screen and water damage and more

Peekerscitech was talked about how to fix serious Iphone problems  and Iphone company

now we will help you to find a way to fix Iphone problem

Iphone problems

1-cracked screen


Your phone works fine this time but it is easy to crack in the screen and becomes unusable

You have to keep it but sometimes it is accidentally cracked

We will offer you some practical solutions either go to the apple company so the solution is not always the best in price
Or contact a mobile repair technician so the best solution will accomplish the time and the best price


2-water damage 


Water is considered the strongest for modern smart phones or any electrical device
If your phone is in the water, try some steps
Remove the excess water and take the first step without pressing the phone
Do not attempt to operate the phone. This may lead to short circuit
Then put your phone in a bowl of rice for two full days
At other times, it is possible to disassemble the device, but this requires some skill


3-frozen screen 


This problem is one of the most widespread problems in the hardware
And solve it to close the device and reopen it again or try a fixed reset by holding down the Home button


4-Iphone won’t power off 


In this case, hold down the Home button
Or a sleep button
Until you see the Apple icon and then your phone will work well

5-volume button is stuck

In many cases, a mute button stops the sound inside your phone and it brings you a lot of hassle and now there are some quick solutions to this situation
Turn on the airplane mode and the calls will go to voicemail
You can try going settings then access the plugin touch and run the plugin mode
It will then be controlled in the main screen

6-unable to connect to WIFI

You can easily solve this problem once you have turned on your device. Press the lock button and the main button at the same time
An Apple logo should appear just to show the main screen
Internet connection will be restored


7-rapid battery drain


These iPhones drain battery power easily
So you have to solve this problem by closing useless applications from settings


8-Microphone not working

When you experience this problem you must make sure that the elephant is removed from the plastic
If the problem persists, go to Settings and then click Privacy and verify that the application works


9-Problem with bluetooth 

This is a simple problem. Go to Settings and choose Set All Options
Then reset all the settings
Clears saved settings and resolves your issue














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