How to free up space on iPhone

above all, You can trick your iPhone and free up space on iPhone.

We always prefer to leave enough space inside our devices for any app

Free up space on iPhone 


1- Stop storing texts forever

firstly, iPhone stores all the text messages forever.

It ‘s impossible for searching a message and do not find it.

Although this features is useful, you need the storage space back.

The steps for stopping.

1- open the setting app and press the message

2-find a message history and tap keep message

3- then, this changing will rest to 30 days to 1 years

2- Don’t double-save photos.

Your iPhone automatically saves two photos

The steps to stopping double saving

1- open the setting app and go to the photos

2-untick the toggle next to keep normal.

3-Stop the Photo Stream

The photos in your Photo Stream take up space but do not take a space as original photos

You do not need to the photos

Perhaps it is already on your iPhone

4-The steps for turn photo stream off

firstly, open the setting app and go to the photos

And toggle off upload to your photo stream

Also, it will remain on your iCloud for 30 days.

5-Clear your browser cache.

firstly, The steps for clear safari’s browser cache

1- secondly,  open the setting app and tap safari

2 – thirdly, click clear history and website data


6-Delete downloaded music

If you use apple music,you will find downloading songs to delete them

The steps to delete

1-  firstly, you go to the setting

2-then storage and iCloud usage

3-also manage storage to find apple music

4-you can swipe to delete individuals or all songs.


6-Delete downloaded podcasts.

The steps to delete

1-  firstly, open the setting and tap the shortage

2- secondly, and press iCloud usage

3- thirdly, also manage storage and press podcast

4- fourthly, you have to go down the list and delete the podcast for each show


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