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How to get rid of annoying website notifications


Now we will talk about how to get rid of annoying website notifications

Any website send notifications to alert you to new emails, blog posts or special offers but sometimes this notification is annoying

Therefore we will learn the ways  to get rid of it

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Get rid of annoying website notifications

Get rid of annoying website notifications

To learn how to turn off google chrome notifications

Following these steps

1-press the three-dot menu button on the right and click setting

2-then scroll to the bottom and press advanced

3-after that click on content setting

4-press notifications

5-toggle ask before sending to the left

6-finally, disable it

You must note that the websites that you have authorized to send notifications earlier can still send you notifications

If you want to block notifications from those websites

The 1 steps are scrolling down to the allow section

And step 2 is tapping the menu button next to the website you want to disallow notifications from

Finally step 3, select remove

The website will not be able to send you notifications

 how to turn off notifications for chrome android

1-Open chrome on your android device

2-press the three-dot overflow menu button and click setting

3-then press site setting (notifications)

4-choose the Notifications  switch to disable it


How to Turn Off Notifications for Chrome iOS

1-Firstly, open chrome on your android smartphones /IOS

2-then Press the three-dot overflow menu button and click setting

3-after that press site setting (notifications)

4-finally disable notifications


How to turn off Safari notifications

Safari is easy to turn off websites from sending you notifications

1-firstly, click safari (preferences ) from your mac’s menu bar

2-then, press the websites tab

3-after that choose notifications from the sidebar

4-finally websites will no longer prompt you to send notifications


How to turn off Mozilla Firefox notifications

1-Type about config in the address and press enter

2-then click on I accept the risk

3-select notification in the search bar

4-after that double click on dom.webnotifications,enabled

5-finally indicating that website notifications have been disabled


How to turn off opera notifications


1-firstly, open opera (preferences)

2-then, press websites from the sidebar

3-after that, scroll to the bottom and find the notifications section

4-finally choose ( do not allow any site to show desktop notifications )

How to Turn Off Microsoft Edge Notifications

1-firstly, press the menu icon and choose a setting

2-then, advanced setting (website permissions)

3-finally, you can configure permission for websites




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