How to play PUBG Mobile?

Android game has become essential for our leisure
PUBG Mobile was spread plenty at this time
Peekerscitech was talked about best types of android games such as puzzle games and strategy games

and PUBG mobile tricks
Now we will talk about PUBG mobile and how to play it

PUBG Mobile

This game revolves around staying for the most fair and appropriate
The most aggressive player is most likely to be killed but more likely to win
You can take advantage of the sound inside the game
And distinguish the appropriate time to shoot the footage
The right place to drive and sound helps you listen to it
You have to focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Every player has a personality with strengths and weaknesses
You have to make sure that what happens to your points of prevention and you also avoid weaknesses
You also have to approach the enemy place and use grenades
Make use of the red zone and blue circle
also Solo player will face some blinds spots
Therefore you have to make sure that no one sneaks up to you
In some situation you will find the open field
So you need to depend on knowing where other players play
We advise to follow the blue circle
Also knowing where the new white is ?

PUBG Mobile

And knowing if you found someone behind you through playing
It is impossible someone to kill you with a single unsuppressed shot
You can easily own special techniques to fight your enemies
Firstly the ranged fire techniques
You can use weapons with scopes to drop the enemies
Wait until your enemies are moving away to open fire
These techniques will remove most areas for them to hide
You will find a clear sight of the land through second floors of building, tall hills and wooded areas You can use gas grenades fire or flash bangs
After that turning around corners to lay down heavy fire
The big target is neglecting your enemies
In order to high attack you must use every shell and cartridge
There are a side bar will allow you to calm resistance
You can wait inside this game and see other players
And allow to you choose the best techniques to play
It is the intelligence of fighting that does not fight and you are unprepared

Understanding weapons

The weapons in PUBG mobile consists of three categories
Ranged, assault and support
There are other weapons such as facilitate engaging an enemy from far away
Also assault weapons are with medium ammunition counts and high mobility
This weapon is used to basic assaults
And support weapons came with high bullet throughput or high damage throughput




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