How to protect the router from hacking


The router is the most important point to connect to the Internet,so you must protect the router from hacking  
Your whole life is connected to the Internet because of this device.
The phone & tablet and TV and laptop connected with the router.

Peekerscitech was discuss about elements of information security and benefits of information security too

protect the router from hacking

Which is the lowest device concerns to insurance, just to get it
there is two points:

1- the user does not interest in router insurance.
2- the internet company does not interest in Internet insurance.
If the router is hacked, it will ruin your life.
Any information that will pass through the router and to your internet will reach the hackers such as your phones & laptops and others.
The most dangerous is the hackers enter between the service and your device.
Then,he will transfer to the fake site or put the virus or spyware.
If hackers hack the router,he can control everything is related to the internet.
Then, he deceives you easily.
Https It’s useless if the router is hacked.
In this case, the hacker put himself in the middle and deceive the browser.
, and he sends you A fake (SSL)
IT named (man in the middle attack)

 Secure and the solution 

most information secure company thought to find a solution this problem and protect your devices.
Such as F secure company did a device is called (sense) To connect to other devices than the Internet router which is unprotected.
Sometimes hackers do crime by stealing router.

How to protect the router from hacking:

-small net builder is a big site to choose the best router you want.
When you take a router, you have to do some things.
1- changing the password for router setting.
2- disable Wi-Fi protected set up.
3-disable property UPNP
4-disable property CWMP
5-active the secret word.
6-choose WPA2
7- the password is more than twenty words and difficult to guess.
8-Do not name the network in your nickname or Wi-Fi
9-active firewall from setting.
Finally, testing the router
downloading the router check to smartphones to confirm the router does not hack.
Or enter the shield up site, if it appeared close, it is protected.



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