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how to Protect your account and device from hackers

One of the most common things now accounts theft and hacking.

you can protect your account and device from hackers

peekerscitech was talked about many topics in technology do not miss it such as benefits of information security and information security basics 

protect your account and device from hackers

1-If someone has created an account for you
You must ensure that you are protected whether a person’s account or a business account

and how to  protect your router  from any hackers 
2-Any password or credit card numbers
Do not send it through your accounts whether email or Facebook.
3-be careful
do not click on a malicious link or attached until do not suffer for hackers.
4-watch out for scams
It is possible to send messages to you as a project like a bank or other.
It Invites you to login, e- mail and password but it is a fake account.
Or You could be with someone you know asking you to click on link.

The protection of hacking :

1- firstly,  use two-factor authentication
MFA is a layer of security to confirm from protecting your account.
If you register your account to the application to verify it’s OK.
the message can be sent via an authentication app on your smartphones.
It requires you to enter a pin.
If your work uses a 365 office, it can be For all accounts in the organization.
You’re doing an extra step.
– set up 2 steps for verification.

For a Microsoft account, you can set this up yourself.
2-secondly, protect your password.
You can use a strong password and do not use an actual word.
It includes at least 12 characters.
also, third party online are available to help you.
3- protect your phone
for Install the project from app store.
if you used 365 office. You will use the latest  Microsoft app.
And downloading the updates for security.
4- turn on bitlocker protection.
bitlocker protects the data from any hackers you can encrypt the BitLocker.
If they steal you, it’s hard to access data.
5-turn on window’s firewall
you have rum windows’ firewall even if you have another firewall.


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