How to protect your phone from hackers

how to protect your phones from hackers:

 firstly, there are many ways to hacking and controlling your phones as.

1-if you leave your phone with someone person to fix it , probably he will put program to hack .
2- It is possible that the person will call you from customer service numbers or number bank ,when you call you ,he will control your phones and take your data.
3– you download a program such as games or App then, you will send the link .
When you open this link, you will be hacked and you will see the camera and recording your calling.
4-you download the program out the google play. It may be hacked by remote control.
Who is hacking will make extortion or defamation ,so you must be protect data and your phones.

secondly, how to protect your phones now ?

The easy way to manage your privacy -keep your phone and safe from threats.

1-DO not leave your phones In the hands of anyone you don’t know
because You don’t guarantee anyone.
2-you can protect your phones by downloading google play protect.
Then, it will protect your phone from any hackers.
3-you can also download (avast mobile security ) to protect from virus so, whether you at home or on the go avast is always on the look out for potential threats.
4-there are an avtest the highest rated made by German . This program choose the best program to protect your phone.
5-you will see another program from google play. It called Malwarebytes.
To protect your android phones.
Although the iPhone has spy devices, No device is permanently protected from spying .
To discover advantage or disadvantages to every program6-searching
confirmation to download the original version.
7- Activate the Remote Data deletion feature from finding my device when you lose your phone , you can delete your data .
8-you should to update the any programTo protect you from security vulnerabilities
9-do not make root to android until do not destroy the security vulnerabilities.
10- Activate data playback settings.

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