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How to recover Instagram account after a hack


How to recover Instagram account after a hack Have you forgotten your account password and want to restore it, or was your account compromised and you can not log back into your account?
In this topic we explain how to restore the password of the Instagram account in case you have forgotten it.
We also explain how to restore an Instagram account even after the hack and unable to log in to your email when register a new account.

First: Restore the Instagram account password

1 – Click here to go directly to the password recovery page on your account, enter the user name or e – mail in the first box, type the characters shown in the picture in the second box and then click Rest Password.

Instagram account password
Restore the Instagram account password

2 – An e-mail is sent to your registered e-mail address, open this message and click Reset Password.

reset your password
reset your password

3 – You will open a new page on the site of Instagram, from which you can type a new password in the new password, and then retype the password in the New Password confirmation and click Reset password.

new password
new password

Second: If your account in instegram has been hacked


1 – Click here to go to the technical support mailing page, and from the page that will open you choose between whether the hacker account you or someone else’s account, Whose account is hacked choose My account and will open a second option.
2 – You can not log in to the email account on your Instagram account.
3. In the Email address field where you can reach you, type an email you can sign in to (any email you want). Type the user name for the hacked account, and in the last box, type the email address of the compromised account.

4 – From what kind of account is this Choose your account type If your account is an account for a company or is promoting a brand, choose the first option, This account represents my company or brand. If your account is personal and has personal photos of you, choose the second option, This account includes pictures of me. If your account is personal but does not contain any personal images, choose the third option, This account contains pictures that I’ve created or produced, but I’m not in them.

5 – You see the option Did you create this account? This means that you created this account; choose Yes if you created the account, or choose No if someone else created the account instead.

6. The last option is, Can you provide more information about how you think your account was hacked?


Problem signing in to your Instagram account

This option starts by asking you about the person you think has hacked your account, choose I do not know if you do not know, choose Someone I know if someone has broken your account, or choose Someone I do not know if you do not know who you are If your account has not been hacked but you can not log in, your account has been hacked, or choose My account is not hacked, I’m having problems logging in.

7 – Write How did they access your account? Write down how this person managed to hack your account, type any message you want and finally click Send.

8. InStagram will send you a letter of technical support within 24 hours, with additional steps to restore your password according to the options you chose in the previous steps. Based on the choices we made above, Instagram is expected to ask you to upload the last photo on your account in Instagram Or request a personal photo to make sure you are the one who uses the Instagram account and that it is yours without you; then you will get another message with a link to rewrite your password.

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