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How to share on soundcloud on android smartphones?


We need to know how to share on soundcloud on android smartphone
We will talk about this topic whether sharing songs or comment
Also peekerscitech was talked about android smartphones and serious problems for iphone, how to solve it

Share on soundcloud on android

1-Open android file manager

It has two names like my files or file manager
Then it will show a list of the files on your android system

2-select the song you desire to share
Whether music folder or downloads

3-press and select the song
It will appear a pop menu

4-press sharing
Then pull up a menu listing different app

5- Select soundcloud

6-Write information about the track
Enter information about the track
Press to change artwork to assign the image uploaded
Put the song’s name into the track title box

7-select an orange button
It will uploaded to soundcloud

Sharing a comment to soundcloud

1-installed the soundcloud app
-open the play store
-write soundcloud app
-press install

2-then press on the audio track you desire to comment on
It will open the mini player
You can find at the bottom of the screen

3-press on the mini player to become full screen player

4-select the comment button
You will find in the second front left in the menu pane
Tap the comment from the button at the moment in the track

Share on soundcloud on android

5-write your comment in the comment at box
You will see add a comment at

6-press on the submit button
You will select from an orange circle
Then enter your comment
Finally your comment will be appear

In the second part of this article we will talk bout how to watch followers on soundcloud

1-tap on the soundcloud app icon
2-enter to your soundcloud account
3-tap of the bottom right of the screen
It will give you options to open your profile
And record audio, change setting , install the soundcloud’
4-press on profile picture
The number of followers will be shown under name
5-select the info
6-finally, press on followers


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