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How to solve Google chrome blank pages problems?

chrome browser  met  from Google chrome blank pages problems and white screen Especially in recent times

In this article we will discuss How to solve Google chrome blank pages problems?

Google chrome blank pages problems

1-When you are trying to visit any web site,It takes bandwidth and time to load. But, It shows you a blank page instead However, the web address remains in the address bar

2-When you type an address and then press the Move or Insert button, you are presented with a blank page and the result becomes an empty label bar automatically

Occasionally,Adware or virus infection may cause another problem. It is “# pop up pages problem

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Chrome blank page problems is mainly caused by third-party extensions specially the ad blockers

The result of this problem is to create a damaged cache or  any bugs in google chrome

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Now we will talk about 6 ways for solving Google chrome blank pages problems

1-Disable Ad Blocker

Ad blocking software will help you fix the problem in blank pages

Most of the time, it is disabled by this type of accessory. If this does not work, disable other additions

2-Make sure Chrome is updated

Sometimes the problem occurs in the Chrome version that you are using to check for the latest update

To update chrome, Just go to Settings > About.
Alternatively, You can chrome://help/ in your address bar and hit enter

3-Clear the cache

Clear the temporarily stored files to resolve the problem

the steps are :

1-Open Chrome browser.
2-Press CTRL + Shift + Del.

4- Disable hardware acceleration

This is a new way to solve the white pages problem

First of all, Go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings.
Now, Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.
Then, Restart chrome

5-Remove chrome profile data

firstly , Close Chrome browser.
then , Open Run by press Win + R.
finally, , Type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ and hit Enter.
You should see a folder named “Default” in newly opened window. Just rename it to default.old


Viruses are sometimes the cause of chrome performance and the problems that cause it

you have to use a good antivirus program


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