How to turn on find my iPhone

it is easy to turn on find my iPhone
Unless you are able to retrace your every last step, you may be out an expensive piece of hardware.

Even worse, if your iPhone was stolen, someone may be trying to gain access to personal information on your device.

turn on find my iPhone

Firstly, go the setting and click your name to access apple ID, iCloud,iTunes & App Store.

Secondly, press on iCloud

And sign in to your cloud account

If you do not have iCloud, you will do to account in three steps

1-enter your email

2-enter your password

3-press the sign in

Then click on find my phone

  turn on find my iPhone


There are a few ways to locate a lost iPhone

Find My iPhone using a Mac or PC

the most practical way to find your iPhone

you need to connect with Wi-Fi or hotspot

if your friend lend you’re their iOS device, this method will be useless

the steps :

1-firstly, go to the iCloud and enter your apple ID LOGIN

Also, tap on the find my phone app

2-secondly, click on all devices and wait a second

The menu will appear with all device that you want.

And the click on the device.

3- thirdly, you will see a timestamp with its most recent location

Find My iPhone using an iOS device


It’s impossible to use  an iOS device

Firstly, searching and click on the find my iPhone app o your friend device.

Secondly, enter your apple ID login

Then press on the device that you search for it

Also, you will watch your iPhone’s in recent location

Finally, you have to keep your items secure and avoid iPhone from getting stolen

You’re going to lose a lot if you bought the iPhone and didn’t rejoice.

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