Let’s know how to use Apple Pencil and how to charge it

Apple Pencil awards you the capacity to draw and plan with full weight affectability on your iPad. Alongside tilt control, side tent and palm rest. The Apple Pencil is a shrewd device for manual articulation and composing, enabling you to take notes in little sizes without skewing lines To get the most out of Apple Pencil, you have to know how to use Apple Pencil. Here are a few hints to exploit the pen, regardless of whether you are a beginner, a blogger or an expert.

How to use Apple Pencil and pair it with your iPad device

  • Make sure that the iPad you want to use is turned on and unlocked.
  • Connect your pen with the iPad.
  • When the Bluetooth pairing request appears, click Associate.

Now you know how to use Apple Pencil with your iPad. If you want to transfer your pencil to a different iPad, just follow the steps above.

Once you pair it with your iPad, you’re ready to draw, write, plan or navigate in the application you choose, as the pencil is sensitive to compression and tilt, and you can press firmly against the screen For a thicker line, tilt your pen against the screen almost to get the shade in the drawing or when drawing the calligraphy.

how to use Apple Pencil
how to use Apple Pencil

How to check the battery level in Apple Pencil

  • Drag down from the top of the iPad edge to call the notification shade.
  • Swipe right to view the widget screen.
  • Display the Batteries section.
  • If you don’t see the batteries section, you may first need to click the Edit button at the bottom of the tool area and then press the green “Plus” button next to the batteries to add it as an active tool.
how to use Apple Pencil
how to use Apple Pencil

How to Charge Apple Pencil with an iPad

  • Expel the cover from your pen, and in the event that you are worried about the loss of the cover amid charging, you can attractively interface it to the iPad alongside the center point catch.
  • Interface the pen to the iPad.

Apple Pencil’s quick accusing innovation gives clients of up to 30 minutes of utilization subsequent to charging for 15 seconds, yet we scolded that you generally connect your pen for no less than 5 to 10 minutes, particularly if it’s under 20 percent.

how to use Apple Pencil
how to use Apple Pencil

How to unlink your Apple Pencil from your iPad

Apple’s pen will automatically cancel the pairing with your iPad if you connect it to a different iPad, and you can’t manually pair it if needed.

  • Run the Settings application from the principle screen of the iPad.
  • Click Bluetooth.
  • Tap the information button on the privilege of the Apple pen beneath my gadget.
  • Press on Forget.
how to use Apple Pencil
how to use Apple Pencil


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