How to use social media sites for business?


Now we have many types of social media sites so we have to use in our business
Marketing is very useful for business
You can reach to audience easily by social media site
Peekerscitech talked about social media plan and social media sites list in many topics
The famous site for business is facebook , twitter , instagram and pinterest

Social media sites

Firstly is a form of internet marketing
It contains sharing content on social media site for achieving goals
Also involving sharing texts , image updates, videos
And others
In addition paid social media advertising

Tips for social media marketing

1-social media marketing plan

It is the main for building a social media marketing plan
You must to think to keyword research and competitive research
It helps content ideas that use your target audience
Also make sure you share regularly and so valuable
You can also share social media images , videos and how to manage it

2-A brand image

You can use social media for business
Also show brand image in different social media sites
Although each social media has a special environment , it have to involve consistent

3-social media for content promotion

Social media marketing is an ideal for sharing your blog content
You have to make sure that readers can find new contents
In addition to content of blog will support you to raising followers

4-sharing curated links

It is a chance to share link outside articles as well
If you find an information for your audience outside the main information , you must to curate and linking it

5-analytics the success

You have to use google analytics for marketing
It supports for measure most social media marketing techniques
Also determine that strategies give it up
You have to make sure that use analytics with each platform

6-tracking competitors

You must to watch competitors whether keyword research or vision for social media marketing
Also you can use your tools for the best
And using new techniques
You have to do the best for your brand

7-Social media crisis management

You must to check out your guide to social media
And crisis management
Also advice on how you can handle it

8-build a community

You can participate to social media channel, facebook group , twitter chat
Ideas for starting a group
1-a local small business group for your city
2-groups of people working your industry
3-groups with other companies focus on the same industry


You must to take care of interactive
And looking for numbers of interactions o replies and posts
Interactions are the most goals of social media




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