How we test smartphones in 2019 ?


Test smartphones are important process

The lab tests smartphones constantly and takes every few weeks to complete testing.
We test products purchased from outlets and make sure that what we are testing is what you can buy from the shelves.

Smartphones are looking to spread nonstop these days

such as iphone is one of great smartphones and there are some problem will face in it and  easily solve it

 peekerscitech talked about types of android smartphones ,you will read it and select the best

Test smartphones

Internet: 10%
Calling: 10%
Camera: 15%
Music quality: 10%
Video quality: 10%
Touchscreen: 10%
GPS: 5%
Synchronisation: 5%
Texting: 10%
Display: 10%
Durability: 5%

How we test it ?

1-Split the performance of the web browser and easily access it and move to the sites and also enter the topics
2-The sound quality of the smartphone is the stuff that needs to be evaluated
Such as frequency response, for both incoming and outgoing calls
Also a user panel subjectively rates the sound quality of calls
3- Camera performance

And how to perform better images in different lighting situations
And also easy to use the phone in taking pictures
4- Music quality and phone performance are tested using headphones with headphones
And the ease of navigation between playlist and control the level of sound and memory

5- Video quality Two minutes of video recording are performed and the smartphone is connected to a tripod
Then one third of the video is recorded during animation and one-third during zoom

6- And also screen image in touch, speed and update with quality

7- The battery life and how long it takes

8- GPS to measure accuracy and speed

9- Sync and how easy it is to keep your contacts and contacts updated when you work with contacts

10- Text messages are also evaluated by typing and receiving text
And Make sure the display is suitable for text messages with different program such as facebook platform,emails and other


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