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Huawei company floods expectations of 3 new smartphones

Huawei company floods expectations after a big problem between it and google company
Before this problem launched 9 smartphones of Huawei
And this is big achievements

peekerscitech talked about android smartphones tricks 

Huawei company floods expectations

Through Huawei company faced more problem and uncertain future outside china
And Huawei respond on google and there are many threaten
And it though a new system for working without android
This launch uncertain these android smartphones will be used google play

Specifications of phones 

Also according to Huawei company it will use kerin 810 chipest
Also use keri 980 processor
It is impossible Huawei company is launched the latest chip designed by an ARM
Also storage and ram in two phones are different
The nova 5 uses 6GB and 128GB storage
The nova 5 pro has 8 GB AND 256 GB of storage
Huwaei company was provided two phone by 3500 mah and the screen is 6.39 inches
The camera is 48 megapixel,16 megapixel sensor,2 mega pixel sensor
And 2 megapixel camera sensor
Also is provided USB-C ports and fingerprint scanner
Also it includes headset jack

And both of phones workedwith micro SD card
Nova 5 has a Kerry 710 processor
The resolution is 24 megapixels and lcd screen

The price is $407 for nova 5 and nova 5 pro is $436
It is unclear how long huawei smartphones will continue to launch updates

Huawei is a leading Chinese company in the field of smart phones
It is also a pioneer in fifth generation lines
Each year, many smartphones are issued and ranked second in the global phone market
But after the collision with Google, Huawei’s results are not known in the global market




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