Huawei defies Google and we are ready to respond and we have an alternative to Android

Huawei defies google, which makes us all ask why Huawei has this full confidence

Chinese giant Huawei has renewed its operating system for Android  smartphones

and computers to be used on its computers instead of Android and Windows

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Huawei defies Google


above all, “The company has already developed its operating system after many years of work,

” Huawei Group Chief Executive Officer for Consumers told Deutsche Welle

and it  has become the biggest smartphone vendor in China

also Huawei has issued this year the best phone 9 to Huawei

Huawei began developing its system early on when the United States opened an investigation
Regarding its activity Along with the activities of the Chinese company zte

“We have developed our equipment and we do not need to use US systems

We will be ready and have a backup plan. Huawei prefers to work with Google and Microsoft, but is willing to turn to PayPal

A  ZTE Chinese company  hit by the same blow from America in 2018

and America has prevented the company from the Android system and Windows

Also banned from exports from US companies to develop their phones

But Huawei has a different situation and it  makes  kirin  processors Available in most of its smartphones

So Huawei does not look like a Chinese company zte

and The company suspended its work for four months

Huawei’s smart phone is powered by Google-owned Android

The Microsoft-owned Windows system is used on its laptop computers







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