Huawei Honor 7x .. a giant smartphone at a cheap price

Huawei has introduced its new flagship phone, Huawei Honor 7x, with a full screen, high quality manufacturing and competitive price, and reviews Masrawy, its features and features.

The Honer 7X features a new design and fashion style with a 77% front-facing screen and a high-quality metal chassis. The back cover is removable metal, with two cameras, monochromatic flash and a very fast response fingerprint.

Huawei Honor 7X smartphone Specifications:

Supports two connection segments: The second chip can be replaced with the MEMORY card or use the MEMORY card instead of the second chip.

FM radio: The phone supports the radio and a little bit of phone found this period supports FM radio.

Performance: The huawei honor 7x comes with excellent features and performance at an average price and offers you 4 GB random RAM and a HiSilicon Kirin 659 8-core processor.

Camera: Dual camera is very excellent and if you compare the price of the phone against the camera you will find that the result in your favor and that the phone holds an excellent camera at an average price.

Huawei Honor 7x
Huawei Honor 7x

Screen: The mobile comes with an excellent screen of 5.9 “and Full HD with the new dimensions of the smart phones 18: 9, which are the dimensions adopted by LG in its LGG6 phone and then the window of the same Sammong in the Galaxy S8 and then this feature is included in most mobile phones New.

Audio: The phone gives you a great stereo sound through Huawei’s DTS feature.

Design: Huawei creative in designing the phone with a screen that captures most of the size of the device in addition to the circular edges for easy use by hand and is available in four different colors and wonderful suit all the markets are “red, black, gold, blue”

Huawei Honor 7x
Huawei Honor 7x

Features of Huawei Honor 7X smartphone:

  • Having a screen protection system Corning Gorilla.
  • The phone supported with Finger Print Reader with support for Face Flip.
  • FM radio.
  • Existence of additional micrometer to eliminate ambient noise.
Huawei Honor 7x
Huawei Honor 7x

Huawei Honor 7X smartphone problems:

  • The battery is non-removable.
  • Your phone does not support NFC use.
  • The battery does not support fast charging.
  • The extra memory card installed instead of the SIM2 chip.
  • Does not support gyroscope ie doesn’t support VR glasses.

Interface and system for Huawei Honor 7X smartphone

finally,The phone works with the Android OS and the user interface EMUI 5.1, which used in all the company’s phones. The most prominent features are the possibility of copying applications to add more than one user for applications that do not accept switching between users from within the application such as Snape Chat and Wassab.

Huawei Honor 7x
Huawei Honor 7x

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