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Huawei Boosts Its New Huawei smartPhone Mate 10Lite With Face Recognition Technology

Huawei has launched an updated version of its Huawei smartPhone Mate 10Lite software.

The built-in fingerprint technology and built-in camera technology add to the built-in reality.

The highly popular Huawei Mate 10 lite phone from Huawei Mate 10 pro will have an enhanced version of the Face ID. Cameras offer unparalleled phone to its customers.

Huawei Of the first smart phones that brought the camera front and back

Huawei smartPhone Mate 10Lite

it  provides users with the ability to open the phone through Face Recognition.

It collects face information from images captured by the user.

Huawei can quickly identify facial features, whether face, side, high angle or low angle. Flip to open the screen in just 800 milliseconds.

There are small differences in the face-to-face feature between Mate 10 lite and other devices.

Where other phones require users to drag to open the screen after user recognition,

while in Mate 10 lite, the use is easier. You can choose how to open the phone, either by direct face tag or by dragging to open.

The fingerprint feature of the Huawei smartPhone Mate 10Lite comes with three security measures

The fingerprint feature is simple and convenient, but many people think it is not safe.

feature in the Mate10 lite comes with three security measures:

  • Ensure storage integrity where the face information is stored in the TEE area of the HiSilicon Kirin 659 CPU that provides security at the chip level.
  • Identify the algorithm algorithm, so that the algorithm gathers more than 1000 points of facial data to ensure that your phone only recognizes your face.
  • Prevent someone else from opening the phone while the phone owner is asleep, so that the option can only be activated if the eyes are open, and the lock is opened at an exceptional speed not exceeding 800 milliseconds only.


Huawei smartPhone Mate 10Lite features a sleek, slim design

The Huawei smartPhone Mate 10Lite features sleek and advanced design, such as a high-resolution 5.9-inch high-resolution display.

That comes in 18: 9 dimensions and four cameras. A front and rear camera that makes it a great choice for photography enthusiasts, especially silvians.

It also features a high-quality FHD + screen that gives consumers seamless social networking. Video viewing, book reading, gaming and web browsing.

The full size of the display is 83% of the full screen size.

The Golden Rule is a 2: 1 standard that gives you easy access to social media. Browsing and gaming while allowing two applications to run simultaneously and enjoy them simultaneously.

Huawei smartPhone Mate 10Lite works with the Android 7.0 Noga operating system

The Mate10 lite is running Android 7.0 Noga with the Huawei EMUI 5.1 interface. EMUI 5.1 features Huawei’s Met 10 Lite users that can run two applications together on the same screen, as well as the ability to draw an S on the screen to take a full picture of the screen, as well as support for running two Facebook accounts or on the phone.

Huawei supplied the Kirin 659 with eight-core processor, 4 GB of RAM with 64GB internal storage, and supports up to 128GB of storage space. , The phone carries a battery of 3340 mAh / hour, and the phone is available in gold, black and blue.

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