Huge asteroid destroys New York in Nasa simulation

two days ago  ,asteroid destroys New York in Nasa simulation 

Experts and world scientists have failed to protect the state of New York from a virtual constellation

It was part of a simulation of how the world responded.
In the beginning of May this year. Experts have announced the existence of a giant planet-oriented.
It has the ability to destroy large parts of civilization.
The scientists tried to reorient the massive constellation but failed.

you can read about Nasa organization and modern technology 


Experts also cautioned that it was unlikely that an asteroid strike would actually play out this way. More likely it would hit the ocean, but researchers wanted it to be as testing as possible.

New massive planet 

NASA is now preparing for a serious and massive planet called the God of Chaos

We need to challenge ourselves and ask the tough questions,” said Paul Chodas

He also added “You don’t learn anything if you don’t study the worst possible case each day”.

during work the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference, and participants were asked to respond as if they were in a scenario in which they have eight years to stop an asteroid on a collision course with Earth

And every day comes a lot of major updates as peekerscitech  talks about everything new in the field of modern technology

Each day would bring major updates, which took the participants from the first detection of the asteroid, to finding out it was a certain collision, and then attempting to save the Earth

Scientists said the asteroid would enter and penetrate the atmosphereِ at 43,000mph and it will produce a huge fireball as it did

also researchers said it would release up to 20 megatons of energy as it arrived

“Bringing together the disaster management community and the scientific community is critical to preparing for a potential asteroid impact in the future,” Leviticus Lewis said

Researchers need to discuss the financial, economic and human consequences of a huge blow to a big city like New York


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