Let’s know about Information security basics 


Information security will help you avoid and leave websites that are not related to you.
When you are entering strange sites are vulnerable to exploitation.
Whether by achieving gains or secrets and personal data.

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information security basics 

Advantages of information security 

firstly information security basics feature Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.
Then, Knowing the weaknesses that are the basis for keeping the safety.

and Dividing vulnerabilities and discussing whether there are security vulnerabilities in the programs.
And security controls.

 third, Major categories of security control.
People-related concepts are

authentication, authorization, and non-repudiation

there are six advantages of information security:


 above all, Information if reads or copied in an unauthorized manner.

also, The result is a loss of confidentiality.
and It includes Research data and medical and insurance records or Legal obligation to protect the privacy of individuals.
also, It can destroy information and change when it’s on an unsafe network
or modified in an unexpected way.




firstly it is to make unauthorized changes either by mistake or intentional manipulation.
Such as Electronic funds transfers and air traffics control.
So you can remove any information For the authorized person and do not reach to Information needed.

3- Availability

 firstly, organizations use authentication and authorization. Authentication is proving that a user is a person he or she claims to be.
  such as The directory that installs is the username or password or fingerprint.


also, it is an act that proves that a person has the right to perform a particular activity such as reading a file and other.

5- Authentication

firstly All users must be authenticated before any authorized activity.
The term information security is applicable to information security concepts.
 above all, Any internet user wants to be sure with:

1-Confidence in the information they use
2-Information is available when they want
3-The processing of information is timely with the operation of sound systems
4- Information security extends to all types of information systems.

finally, No one on the internet is immune
even legal liability and the loss of life. Individuals may find that their credit
card, medical, and other private information has been compromised. Identity.




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